OTEX v1.1

OTEX v1.1 is out!

This version collects the fixes and improvements I’ve done since 1.0 as well as some new sets. Some things I was working on didn’t make it in yet but I didn’t want to hold this back any longer. My texture crafting pace is leisurely at best these days, so don’t hold your breath for version 1.2.

There’s a condensed changelog in the WAD itself (see the README lump by using a tool like Slade) but for the full list go here.

For you UDMF mappers there’s now a PK3 version very kindly provided by Ben ‘Bauul’ Mansell (of Elementalism fame). To dodge the naming convention conflict between FLATs and Textures, all FLATs have had their “O” prefix changed to “0” (zero).

Lastly, Simpletonium has updated his Ultimate Doom Builder texture categorization config to support version 1.1, and for those of you not keen on memorizing 2600+ textures and 1300+ FLAT’s, this is very useful. See the included readme for installation instructions.

My thanks to Bauul, Simpletonium and the testers that provided tons of insightful feedback that I was too lazy to implement. Special thanks to Afterglow for testing and providing screenshots of new stuff usually within hours, and for having done so for over 20 years now.


Download OTEX version 1.1 in wad format (via /idgames)
Download OTEX version 1.1 in pk3 format
Download OTEX version 1.1 UDB config (for WAD format)
Download OTEX version 1.1 UDB config (for PK3 format)

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