OTEX v1.0 released

At long last, I’ve decided that what I have now is to be called version 1.0.

What’s new

  • There are 500+ new textures and 200+ new FLATs.
  • I’ve polished, tweaked, and even outright replaced hundreds of things I wasn’t quite happy with in the original v0.9 release.
  • The restraints on redistribution and modification are lifted. You can now do whatever you want with these (but please credit me and don’t change the names of stuff).

If you are using OTEX for some project already, update the resources and have a look around your levels to make sure things still look right. There should be nothing removed from v0.9 and I’ve tried to have replacements match their predecessors in pattern, color, and brightness, but there may be some deviations.

I may release more updates in the future, but this is it for now. Go get it!

If you want to give feedback, ask questions, or just hang out with other people using OTEX for their projects, join my Discord server:


  • BJ Stottle

    Hello! I’m completely new to doom level building but interested in learning it as a hobby. I love the otex textures but the shear number of textures is quite overwhelming! I was wondering if there is an easy way of organizing the textures within Doombuilder or if someone may have made a way of catagorizing the textures into groups? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

    • ukiro

      Sorry this took me so long to respond to, but check my latest post; There’s a config file for Ultimate Doom Builder that lets you have them categorized a bit more. Hopefully this helps!

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